Welcome to the DIANE-CM project’s Collaborative Platform!

Thank you for participating in this project and for taking part in the collaborative modelling exercise about flood risk management in Redbridge; your opinion and knowledge is important for us!

Why is flood protection and management important?

Flash floods are occurring more often in the UK and around the world resulting in immeasurable damage. In addition, these events are likely to increase due to the effects of Climate Change and urbanisation. Although Redbridge has not experienced flash floods very recently, extreme rainstorms could occur at any time and some areas of the borough have been identified as being at risk from surface flooding (i.e. floods caused by local storms). Given that these events happen unexpectedly, we must be prepared for them in order to reduce the damage that flooding could cause.

Collaborative Modelling Exercise
We want to make flood management decision-making more participatory and we want to involve all of you in this process. That is why we created this online Collaborative Platform whereby community members, lead local flood authorities, service providers, and other stakeholders of Redbridge can interact and jointly analyse the current status and provide opinion on future work regarding flood risk management in Redbridge.

The Collaborative Platform is a website where information about flood risk in Redbridge is provided. It displays the results of flood models and illustrates the effect of different measures that could be implemented for dealing with flooding in Redbridge. Furthermore, it has an online forum allowing for discussion amongst participants about flood mitigation measures and the best ways of dealing with flooding in Redbridge.

It is worth mentioning that this collaborative exercise is mainly focused on surface/pluvial flooding, which, according to the UK Government’s Independent Review into the Summer 2007 Flood Event (Pitt Review, 2007), caused about two thirds of the flood damage in urban areas.

In order to provide initial instructions about the use of the Collaborative Platform and to guide the interaction amongst participants, a series of three workshops will be carried out between January and April of 2011. Based on the discussion between participants and on the joint analysis of the flood scenarios displayed in the Collaborative Platform, we will be able to jointly identify appropriate measures for better dealing with surface flooding in Redbridge. We believe that making decisions together will make flood resilience measures more effective!

Who are we?
We are a team of researchers from Imperial College London who are coordinating the DIANE-CM Project , which is funded by the European Union and the UK Environment Agency. The main objective of this project is to improve the resilience of local communities to flooding by developing advanced modelling & flood prediction tools and by involving local stakeholders in the decision making process.

Our partners in this project are the University of Lüneburg (Germany) and UNESCO-IHE Delft (The Netherlands). In addition, we are working closely with local Redbridge stakeholders, including the Emergency Planning Department, Highways and Engineering Services, Planning Department, Fire Brigade, Local Councillors, Thames Water, the Flood Forecasting and Incident Management Teams of the Environment Agency, local community associations (for example, Maybank Community Association and Broadmead Baptist Church), amongst others.

Discussion Forum:

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In this forum you can provide your comments about different topics and you can also share and discuss alternatives for flood risk management with other participants.


Your feedback is very important to us. It will help us to improve this platform and make the best out of it.
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Thanks in advance for your valuable contribution!

Downloads and interesting links

  • First Collaborative Workshop (14th January 2011): The first Collaborative Workshop took place on January 14th 2011 at Imperial College London.
    - Click here to see some photos of this event.
    - Click here to download the minutes of this workshop.
  • Click here to download a document with relevant information about the DIANE-CM project
  • Click here to see the current water height at the Roding River, via the webcam installed by the Emergency Planning Department of Redbridge.
  • Did you know that the flood symbols and warning messages of the Environment Agency changed recently? Click here to access information about it!


  • Second Collaborative Workshop (Mid-March 2011): During this workshop the final surface flood models for the study area will be presented as well as the alternatives for managing surface flood risk in Redbridge. Based on this, a collaborative modelling exercise will be carried out in order to jointly rank and select the best alternatives for managing surface flood risk and flood events in Redbridge.

This workshop will take place in Mid-March 2011 at Imperial College London. The final date will soon be defined.

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