Welcome to the collaborative modelling exercise for ranking of alternatives in flood risk management!

The “heart” of the DIANE-CM project is the collaborative or participatory decision making process which aims at selecting the most appropriate alternatives for managing surface flooding in the study area.

This Collaborative Modelling Exercise will be developed through the following three stages:


Individual profile: Each stakeholder evaluates the alternatives for flood risk management according to his/her preferences and based on the objectives and indicators described in “step 1” of the flood risk management framework. The output of this stage is a ranking of the proposed alternatives for flood risk management.

Group profile: The individual ranking of alternatives done by each participant is made visible to all participants. In this way, participants will be able to compare their individual judgement to that of the other participants. If wished, at this point each participant can modify his/her individual ranking of alternatives.


Collaboration and negotiation stage: In this stage participants will be able to interact, discuss and potentially reach an agreement about the best alternatives for managing flood risk in Redbridge. The interactive tools (e.g. discussion forum, online chatting) will be available in the Group Profile window, so that participants can use them when they wish to start interacting with other participants.

In order to access each stage and take part in the exercise, click on the corresponding tab of the menu bar above.

If you are a first-time user, we recommend you start with the “Individual Profile”, so that you can carry out the ranking of alternatives and can actively participate in the exercise. However, you can also go to the “Group Profile” and simply take a look at the views and results of other stakeholders.

Thank you for taking part in this collaborative modelling exercise!