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 Subject :nd full of vitality, a pi.. 03-08-2019 09:17:54 
nd full of vitality, a pi


Sitting at the table, there are lights, there is coffee, it is getting cold, I want to go out but I don��t know where to go, open the music, listen to a simple piano piece, simple elegance, look at the table A cup of coffee, steaming steam, as if dancing with the graceful dance of this music, in the white gas, indulge in a dancer who is dancing, the dance moves gently, the hand picks up, the foot Gently padded and moved, gradually as if he had entered another world, a white piece, under a ray of light, there was a dancer who danced around the elegant dancers Wholesale Cigarettes, her smile, always Sweet, the mouth is gently rising, not when I am coming back, the melody is accompanied by the dance, and my vision is shifted. It is so quiet, the dancer continues to dance with the music Marlboro Lights, the music stops, the dancer disappears. I stood still, I don��t know what happened. It��s so quiet. The rest is just a quiet place. Where is it, where am I, the pace keeps spinning, watching nothing around, only a piece of white , Disarray. I don't know where this is, I have fear in my heart, I have tension, I have to sort out my own ideas, think about it carefully, where is this, how can I leave all my thoughts here, quietly stay in the original, quiet Waiting, thinking that someone took away, but no one came, think carefully, it turned out to be his own heart. The feeling of being empty, it is really quiet here, I really want to have a lot of meetings, there is nothing here, the empty room may be a kind of quiet Marlboro Red, gradually I have no fear, no tension, there is still a trace of conversion Excitement, think about it here, quiet and full of vitality, a piece of white, brings a kind of energy that has never been seen before, as if pushing the hand forward is a world, opening a door, a beam of sunshine Come in, overlooking a world full of life, I am quietly staying in this white world, no, it is my heart, empty but full of life, enjoying the world full of vitality, I imitate the dancers, slowly beating Up, slowly moving my hands, the same smile on my lips, when the music gradually remembered, I kept moving, accompanied by elegant piano music, slowly moving my feet, music is getting faster and faster , 8 notes, 16 points, 32 points, getting faster and faster, I am enjoying my space more and more, the last accent, the body moves down one's own hands and feels the heat of the coffee cup, hot Teng feeling no, I packed my desk, I suddenly feel that there is something not done tonight, by the way, it turned out not to look at the scenery through the window.
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