HR BREACH model is a numerical model for the simulation of breach initiation and growth in flood embankments and embankment dams. The model has the following features / capabilities:

  • Breach initiation through piping and / or overflow
  • Simulation through both cohesive and non cohesive soils
  • Simulation of homogeneous and composite or zoned structures, also including grass or rock embankment surface protection
  • Breach growth simulation by surface soil erosion, head cut and discrete block failure processes (including the choice of using different sediment relationships for different embankment types)
  • Probabilistic approach options to allow the user to simulate material variability / uncertainty, including full Monte Carlo simulation
  • A flexible user interface that operates within a windows environment, allowing easy manipulation and visualisation of data (including both empirical and metric input options)
  • Screen graphics that show breach growth and changing water level conditions as the model runs

The model outputs include outflow hydrographs, breach width, breach depth, reservoir water level and volume, and sediment quantities as a function of time (as the breach growth progresses). A graphical user interface is provided which shows the breach section and plan growth, outflow, reservoir level and reservoir volume while the simulation is progressing.

Menu links here provide access to:

  • Interactive Scenarios: Allowing the user to play with selected model parameters to see how breach growth is affected.
  • Scenario Animations: Providing examples of different breach process simulations.
  • Using the HR BREACH Model: A video demonstration taking the user through model setup and run
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