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How the user can interact with the web-based DSS (Elbe-Tool)

For the pilot site a scenario-based tool for long-term flood risk management of the Elbe River basin has been developed under FLOODsite Task 18 in close collaboration with the VERIS-Elbe research project. The idea of the tool is a user-controlled selection of questions, scenarios and strategic alternatives for risk reduction to access pre-run flood risks maps and diagrams. This demo tool shows the principal functionality of the Elbe Tool and has been designed under FLOODsite Task 30.

The Elbe tool is structured in three steps as follows:

    1. Select a key question,
    2. Select an 'Elebe Future', and
    3. View flood risk maps
The figure below shows that every step has its own symbol. These symbols are taken up in each of the steps in order to help the user to orientate himself/herself easily.

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