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Risk analysis tool for the German Bight coast





St. Peter-Ording is a community in Schleswig-Holstein, the most northerly Federal State of Germany. The community is on the North Sea coast on the western, exposed, side of the Eiderstedt peninsula. The study area is approximately 6,000 ha, about two thirds of this is considered to be flood-prone. Almost the whole municipality is protected by dikes with heights around 8 m above sea level. The exceptions are one section that consists of an overflow dike with a crest of 6.2 m above sea level and another section that has a natural dune belt with heights up to 18m.

A micro-scale (detailed) approach for risk assessment is essential for really useful planning/measures, but such detailed risk analysis is extremely costly and time consuming. Therefore, a transferable method which still meets the detailed information requirements has to be developed.

The overall aim of the pilot study is to develop and test certain parts of the flood risk management (FRM) methodology for a coastal site being developed by other tasks within the FLOODsite project. This will include looking at ways to combine the calculation of failure probability for coastal defences with evaluations of socio-economic damages; and developing an Integrated micro-scale Risk Analysis Tool/Methodology for future planning in the coastal zone that is transferable to other coastal zones.

This interactive tool demonstrates the integrated micro-scale risk analysis methodology developed for this task site (German Bight Coast).

Click here to go to the page with the risk analysis methodology. In this page detailed explanations about the the approach used in the risk assessment tool are provided.Also the key elements of the risk assessment methodology are discussed.

Click here to go to the Scenarios page where example cases are used to demonstrate the application of the risk assessment tool. For each scenario results of application of the risk analysis elements are given.


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