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Forecasting of road submersion - Gard region France




Introduction (The Gard pilot site and the PICH data base)

The Gard region:

The Gard Region is located in the French Mediterranean area.It has been selected asthe pilot area for the development of the proposed prototype because it is exposed to frequent and intense flash floods. It has experienced a series of damaging flash floods during recent years,particularly in 2002.

Flash floods and road network:

In this area, 40% of the victims of flash floods during the last fifty years were motorists. During 8 to 9 September 2002, five people were drowned in their cars and about two hundred emergency vehicles were trapped on inundated roads and destroyed or seriously damaged. An improvement of the road network management during flash floods has therefore become a major concern for the Gard local authorities.

The PICH inventory:

Because of this intense hazard, a large amount of data, in particular hydrological data, is available. Moreover, an inventory of the road sections flooded during the last 40 years in parts of the Gard region has been established. This inventory called PICH (Plan d’Intervention Crises Hydrologiques) lists 167 locations on the 2,500 km of the road network, the majority of which (80%) are intersections between roads and rivers.


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The Gard region, the selected windows for the calibration and the validation of the prototype and the points inventoried in the PICH.

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