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Long-Term flood risk management planning - application to the Thames Pilot





Long-term planning (~100 years) is an integral part of developing sustainable flood risk management polices and intervention measures. It enables decisions makers to explore strategies, set targets, question the status quo and determine the merits of innovative ideas. In FLOODsite three frameworks have been developed to enable information on flood risks and management options to be integrated in support of identifying preferred future management strategies in the long-term.

These frameworks have all been developed in accordance with the widely accepted Source-Pathway-Receptor-Consequence model (Sayers et al, 2002), which has been adopted throughout FLOODsite. The frameworks are enacted within a prototype decision support tool that enables decision makers to integrate multiple and complex relationships between natural hazards, social and economic vulnerability, the impact of measures and instruments for risk mitigation (infrastructure provision, vulnerability reduction) in support of planning risk management in the long term).

Thames flood areas and defence lines

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