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The impact of storms on coastal areas induce a range of potential hazards such as beach and dune erosion, overwash and/or inundation in natural –undeveloped- areas and infrastructure damages in developed –urbanized- coasts. Although, in principle, it seems reasonably to argue that storms with larger energy content will induce larger beach erosion, this is not necessarily true. This is because other parameters will modulate the induced morphodynamic response, some of them related to storm characteristics such as storm duration, wave period and water level and, other related to the coast subjected to the impact such as beach profile height, beach width and evolutive stage.

Within this context, the main aim of the present study is to identify and characterise the main storms impacting on the Ebro delta coast during the last decade. These “main” storms have been identified by taking into account the induced coastal response. Starting from a list of storms given by the Generalitat de Catalunya (2004) and afterwards, they have been characterised to identify the factors that convert them into hazardous conditions.

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